Everything Gets Feta!!


It all started in high school, The decision to go to culinary school.  A trip to Greece.  Chios, the homeland (He-os)  is where our family is from.  the 5th largest island in the Aegean Sea.  A stones throw to Turkey.  Most well-known for its export of Mastica.  A pine resin from the Mastica Tree, a flavor that is hard to describe, more like a pine-y, ginger-y flavor.  Not an easy ingredient to hide in recipes or a very versatile one, at that. An ingredient that, if you can master it, you can master any recipe design.  But we can talk about that more for a later post.



It wasn’t until I visited Rhodes, and Crete.  That I realized that this maybe enjoyable to me.

“Everything Gets Feta” (blog) is the Mind of Pastitsio, the restaurant.  I maybe providing the writing but, the ideas flow through the restaurant,  like waves.


  The recipes,  experience,  culture and the Design of the menu, is simple.  Offering Traditional Greek Food like,  Souvlakia ( Lamb, Beef or Pork) marinated with olive oil, lemon juice and garlic.

Sourcing the meats locally, is very important for quality and flavor.

 Most of our meats come from Thoma meats.

Everything is made in-house, to our Yogurt for Tzatziki and to a variety of olives that we will get from California, brine them and Cure them.


The benifit of brining your own olives is, the brining liquid itself.  You get the health benifit of the olives as well as flavor.


Chicken Souvlakia served over a Dakos Salata

Pastitsio is a Traditional dish of pasta noodles, Ground beef and a fluffy white bechemel sauce,  One of my Favorites growing up.  Enough, to call a business after.

IMG_1326 (1).jpg

The point of this blog is for inspiration, from me and the reader.  If I can focus on one item a post that will provide research and inspiration, I will be doing my self worth.  After all what is the point of saying somthing if it doesnt provide you meaning.

Thanks for reading and believe that “Everything gets Feta” is a metaphor for life.

Please leave questions and comments, about the blog below.

Be on the Short list to, bigger things.  Once a week (Friday Night) we will pick somebody from our “Short list”  and prepare them a meal @ Pastitsio.  It’s always three courses and you and a guest are guaranteed to not leave hungry.  excellent, way for Free Food and help us with new dishes.  We don’t ask for your first-born, it’s just a simply word of mouth to your friends, family or friendly neighbor.  

The only thing that you need to do, in order to sign-up, is to leave your name, email address, phone number, and leave in the comment section that you would like to be on our “Short list”.